Distributed Applications SS2010 (IN 2102)

Mechanisms and concepts for the implementation of distributed cooperative applications

Course in SS2010
Schlichter, J.

short description: This lecture aims at introducing basic concepts which play an important role in the design and implementation of distributed applications. It discusses various architectures for distributed systems and communication mechanisms. Examples illustrating these mechanisms will be the fundamental aspects of remote invocation of procedures, methods and services (RPC, RMI, Web services), distributed transactions and group communication. On a higher level abstraction, the lecture will deal with distributed file systems, especially aspects of file allocation, file replication, concurrency control algorithms to preserve consistency of replicated information in distributed environments and the Coda file system.

Info Tue., June 8th 14:15, Presentation by H. Sirtl, Microsoft
Cloud Computing in Context of Distributed Applications - A Microsoft Perspective
. The presentation slides you will find here Cloud Computing (H. Sirtl, Microsoft)
  for TUM Students
Hours: 3 SWS Course + 1 SWS Exercise
Credits: 5 ECTS
Time and Place:

Mo 09:15 - 10:00 MI 00.13.009A (Garching)

Di 14:15 - 15:45 MI 00.13.009A (Garching)

Start of the Course 19. April 2010; the exercise starts on 23. April

Students: Students of  Informatics
Students of  Business Systems
Students of  E- und Informationstechnik
Students with minor Informatics (e.g.  economics, mechanical engineering)

This exam is relevant for Informatics students (Bachelor, Master) or students of other programs (e.g. E-Technik) which requite credits.
This exam is not relevant for students of the Informatik-Diplom program. 


The exam will take place on Friday, 23.07., at 16:30h in rooms MW 0350 and MW 1250 (in the Engineering/Maschinenwesen building!)

Room MW 0350: Students with last name beginning with A-L.

Room MW 1250: Students with last name beginning with M-Z.

Lecture material or other auxiliary material is not allowed during the exam. (No "open book" exam.)

You can answer the exam questions either in German or in English.

Test Exam

Results of the exam are now available in TUMonline.
Post-exam review
(Klausureinsicht) is offered on Thursday, 19.08., at 10-11h in room 01.05.043.


Prerequisites: basic programming skills and knowledge of basic Informatics concepts; basic knowledge of operating systems and computer networks
Recommended for: subject area Distributed Systems and Computer Networks
Sprache: The course and the material will be in English.


Course Material

The course material will be in English; the language of the lecture is English.

PDF Version for print and Online use: va_course-student-ss10

Zip file for Flash animations: Animation-Dist-Application-SS2009

The course will be recorded using TTT. The course videos will be available on the server .


This course will have exercises. They will be organized as a two hour event every two weeks. During the first hour the exercises will be discussed and important background knowledge will be presented. During the second part, the written answers to the exercise can be started and may be finished at home. They have to be given back to Frank Schütz the next event and will be given back reviewed the next time.

Two important remarks:
- The content of the exercise is part of the exam.
- Getting 70% of the points for the exercise will lead to a bonus of 0.3 marks on the exam.

Concrete dates for the exercises are:
Friday, 14:00-15:45 in room 01.07.023.
on 23.4., 7.5. (10.5., 17:00), 21.5. (21.5., 16:00, canceled), 11.6. (14.6., 17:00), 25.6. (28.6., 17:00), 9.7. (12.7., 17:00) 

If there is interest in, there will be a question event on 9.7. before the exam.

(Dr. Frank Schütz,


see Sprechstunde
Otherwise after the lecture or by agreement.