Project: Information Management and Applications for VANETs

People: Robert Eigner, Vivian Prinz, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

Vehicular ad-noc networks (VANETs) are distributed self-organizing and highly mobile networks based on wireless car-to-car-communication (C2C). VANETs have recently gained a lot of attention by industry and academia. The ultimate goal is to decrease the number and severity of accidents by extending the driver's horizon of perception beyond what is visible locally is possible. However, these active safefy applications depend on a certain degree of dissemenation of C2C communications systems. To help increase market penetration, a second class of applications has to be developed that offer an immediate benefit to potential customers: the so-called deployment applications. These applications are taken from the domains of entertainment, information access and increased driving comfort.

In this project we are investigating distributed information management and (deployment) applications for VANETs. VANETs pose unique challanges due to the dynamic environment.  A C2C information management infrastucture has to fulfill requirements such as persistent and location-dependent availability of information. Based on a VANET infrastructure, it is then possible to design and realize deployment applications. One characteristic of these applications is that they are highly dependent of the current context of a car.

An integral part of our project is to develop an approriate simulation environment. It is necessary to realistically simulate factors like car movements and wireless vehicular communications as they strongly influence evaluation results. Thereby, we are applying the vehicular traffic simulator VISSIM by PTV.

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Subproject: Peer-to-Peer Algorithms and Publish/Subscribe for C2C Communication Systems

People: Vivian Prinz

To support the multitude of applications possible in the above mentioned fields, a C2C communication system has to provide distributed information management. For example, it has to enable the publication of a black ice warning with respect to a particular region. Afterwards, it has to make sure that the information item is available for other cars as long as its valid. Apart from that, content based routing would enable the communication system to actively warn vehicles which are affected by a dedicated hazard, for example. In this subproject, we are focusing on the application of Peer-to-Peer algorithms and Publish/Subscribe for the named functionalities.

Subproject: Context Modelling for VANETs

People: Robert Eigner

Nowadays, vehicles have become computers on wheels, constantly assesing their environment with a multitude of sensors. These sensors collect a huge variety of data that has to processed. In addition, with the arrival of VANET technology, cars have access to even more information, such as remote sensor readings from other vehicles trying to widen the driver's horizon of perception.
Applications using this information need to model the data they are operating on. So far, no standards for modeling context data have been established, especially not in the automotive world. Furthermore, since there are several stakeholders in the car industry and its suppliers, and market introduction scenarios show that it is very probable that VANET applications need to be sold also as after market solutions, these models must be open, adaptable and yet very expressive.
Sematic web technologies such as ontologies modeled in OWL have recently emerged as the "silver bullet" to meet such hard modeling requirements. In this project, we study to applicability of semantic web modeling technologies for context data in VANETs. The performance of our approach is shown using several applications in a simulation environment also used in the NoW project.

Selected Publications

 Distributed Information Management and Publish/Subscribe in VANETs: Requirements, State of the Art and a Novel P2P-based Approach

 Autoren: Vivian Prinz, Michele Brocco, Wolfgang Woerndl
 Beschreibung: Journal of Mobile Multimedia, 5(2):158–180, 2009

 Collision Avoidance in VANETs - An Application for ontological context models

 Autoren: Eigner, Robert - Lutz, Georg
 Beschreibung: Proceedings of the 5th IEEE Workshop on Context Modeling and Reasoning (CoMoRea 2008), Hong Kong, PR China, March 2008

 NoW - Network on Wheels: Project Objectives, Technology and Achievements

 Autoren: Festag, Andreas - Noecker, Gerhard - Strassberger, Markus - Lübke, Andreas - Bochow, Bernd - Torrent-Moreno, Marc - Schnaufer, Sascha - Eigner, Robert - Catrinescu, Catrinel - Kunisch, Jürgen
 Beschreibung: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Intelligent Transportation (WIT 2008), Hamburg, Germany, March 2008

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