SSICLOPS: Secure Transport Protocols for Cloud Computing

PhD or post-doc position at TU Munich (TUM)

We are seeking an excellent researcher in Internet transport protocols to contribute to the design, implementation, and evaluation of efficient and secure inter-data center and client-facing transport protocols.  In contrast to various flavors of data center-specific TCP, such transport protocols have to cope with operating in less controlled single- or multiple ISP environments all the way to the regular Internet infrastructure.  Research tasks include design, analytical, simulation-based, and testbed-based evaluation, and naturally prototyping and system integration within the project.
We are offering an excellent local research environment at TUM and close cooperation in the SSICLOPS project team, along with considerable freedom in shaping the research direction of the dissertation. The successful candidate has a Master degree or diploma or a PhD in CS or EE, with a strong background in Internet protocols and cloud systems, preferably with demonstrated skills in transport protocols and their implementation and familiarity with state-of-the-art simulation and and analysis tools.
A competitive salary will be offered according to TVL-E13.
Desired starting date is October 2015 for up to 2+2 years.
To apply, please submit a motivation letter along with your detailed CV, BSc and and MSc transcripts, and the names and contact information for up to three references.
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