Our field of activities extend from communication mechanisms, architectures and middleware approaches for distributed applications to conception and realization of solutions for different application domains.

Our research is structured into five focal areas:



The focus of mobile context-aware information and collaboration systems comprises systems that enable mobile users to collaborate and exchange information considering their current context of use. Of special interest is context-aware information retrieval, context-based interaction in mobile environments and support of mobile communities. Furthermore, vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) are part of this area and are the main focus of the network on wheels project.


In the area Social Software, Groupware and Communityware, the chair studies the computer-based support of groups of persons with different kinds of relationships. Mechanisms for communication and information exchange among the members are examined as well as the management of user profiles and identities, and matchmaking and personalization. Within the field of Social Software, emphasis is put on the modeling of social relationships and the visualization of social networks. Communityware integrates among other things the examination of community support systems and their interoperability. The Groupware area deals with the support of collaboration in geographically distributed temas that cooperate in finding solutions of complex problems. Besides collaboration support, important aspects are also workflow management and UML modeling of collaborative processes.



For distributed knowledge management, automatic acquisition of personal ontologies and mapping between ontologies is important. Further topics are knowledge transfer in communities and proactive documents. In order to stimulate discussion of these topics, the chair organizes the Münchner Knowledge Management Kreis (MKMK) since 2000. Along with Universität der Bundeswehr München and partners from industry, MKMK promotes information exchange between industry and university.


In the area of distributed applications and web services, we investigate architectures and solutions for distributed applications, especially using internet technologies and web services. Research topics include agent-based frameworks, web services for geographical information systems (GIS), web portals, location-based services, security and privacy engineering and mobile enterprise related services.



The research area advanced teaching and learning environments examines the creation and fine-grained adaptation of reusable teaching materials based on XML and XSLT. Emphasis is put on their processing into different target formats like PDF or HTML. Annotations and automatic recording is another fild of resaerch which aims at supporting presentations. In the course of the Targetteam project an authoring tool for the produtcion of teaching materials in XML has been created which is used in Virtuellen Aus- und Weiterbildung Wirtschaftsinformatik (VAWi).